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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the premade cover customisation process work?
1. Your Order is Receieved

As soon as you place an order, you’ll receive an email confirmation receipt.


2. Customisation Confirmation

On the next working day, I will ask you for your customisation options for your ebook cover, paperback cover, audiobook cover, or premade logo.


3. Customisation Begins

After I receive your customisation instructions I’ll start working on your order straight away or on the next working day.


4. Customisation Complete

After I’ve finished adding your customisation options, I will send you a watermarked version for your approval.


Each premade cover comes with three rounds of revisions, so please be reasonable because there are limitations to what I can change. Tweaks to the text (placement, size, and colour) will be made to your satisfaction. However, any edits beyond these simple changes would be considered custom work which is not available with a premade cover.


3.  Your Final Approval

Once you approve the images by email, I finalise the cover.


4. Order Complete

I send all the covers to you. This includes the final high-resolution ebook cover measuring 1625px by 2600px with a resolution of 300dpi, along with three free 3D mockups to help with promotions. The dimensions for the paperback covers are dependent upon the trim size and numbers of pages in the book.

How long will it take for me to receive my premade cover or logo order?

The turnaround for ebook cover customisation is up to 3 business days unless you specifically request more time to decide upon your book’s details.


For my other products, here are the estimated timeframes:

  • Paperback: 3-5 business days
  • Audiobook: 2-3 business days
  • Premade Logo: up to 3 business days


Naturally, these timeframes are dependent upon how long you need to decide upon the details of your covers or premade logo details. Remember it’s okay to take your time and get things right.

What files will I receive?
For eBook

Ebook covers in jpeg and PNG, perfect for Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google Play and the other e-retailers sized to format compatible with vellum (1625 px by 2600 px with a resolution of 300dpi). The PNG file is best for the web, but some online retailers will not accept a PNG file, so I included a jpeg for those stores.



A PDF file formatted to your trim size, numbers of pages, and POD company (KDP Print, Ingram Spark etc.) in CMYK colour format (print-friendly colour).



A jpeg and PNG files with dimensions of 2400 px by 2400 px with a resolution of 300dpi in RGB colour format. Your audiobook cover should be compatible with ACX. If you have any problems just let me know.


Premade Logos

You’ll receive the following three files:

  • 1x PNG file with a white background in RGB (digital colour format)
  • 1x PNG file with a transparent background in RGB (digital colour format)
  • 1x jpeg file with a white background in CMYK (print-friendly format, for business cards)
  • Either non-exclusive or exclusive rights to use the logo.
Can I take your ebook cover and get the paperback cover designed by another artist?

No, you can not take any of my designs and ask another graphic designer to alter them. I can, however, design you a paperback copy for an additional fee. This fee is usually £60.00 for a KDP Print Paperback cover and an Ingram Spark Cover, or £50.00 if you only want the KDP Print cover. Please ask me about paperback covers before you purchase any of my premade ebook covers or ask for a custom cover design.

Can I purchase the cover without the text?

No, you cannot purchase the cover without the text because this violates the terms of service on the various image licences.

Questions about Licences

Where do you find images for your covers? And you do purchase licences to use them?

I source images from a few different places, Shutterstock, Deposit Stock Photo, Stock, and Abode. This means all images I used are properly licensed with a standard licence. But if your paperback sales for an individual title approach 500,000, you will need to contact me so I can purchase an extended licence. This means I will have to pass the cost onto you, but it protects us both from being sued later on down the road.

Where do you find fonts for your covers? And you do purchase licences to use them?

The majority of fonts I use are provided by Adobe with Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign through the associate font l. Occasionally, I use free fonts sourced from Google Fonts, but I always check the licence agreements before using them. And I do buy fonts from designers and other reputable font sizes like Creative Market. But once again, I read the licence and about check the terms of usage because sometimes fonts can only be used once per design—I avoid those like the plague.

Will I get the sources files with the premade cover or custom cover design?

No, I do not sell or hand over the source file (PSD or equivalent files) to clients for a fee or for free for two reasons. The source file contains multiple layers with images and fonts, which all require appropriate licences to use on a commercial basis which are purchased by me, the designer, during the design phase and cannot be transferred to anyone.


And secondly, I, the designer, hold the intellectual property for the design, and by purchasing a premade cover or customer cover, you are purchasing a licence to use the cover, not the intellectual property itself.


As a general rule, I do not work with clients who want access to the source files to avoid disputes.

Do I own the copyright to my purchased cover?

No. The photographer or licencing agency retains all copyright of the individual elements used in the design. As the artist who created the cover, I hold the copyright on the final design. Upon purchasing a premade cover or custom-designed cover, you are purchasing a licence to use the cover.

Premade Cover FAQ’s

What information do I need to provide for an ebook cover purchase?

All I need is your book title, series or tagline, and author name to start customising your ebook cover. After I receive your order, I will ask you for these details in an email. You are more than welcome to add these details in the “order notes” section if you like.

What information do I need to provide for a paperback cover purchase?

If you purchase a full-wrap/paperback cover, I will also need:

  • Back cover text
  • Print page count
  • Cream or white paper
  • Trim size – 5″x8, 5.5″x8, 6″ x 9 etc.
  • ISBN


After I receive your order, I will ask you for these details in an email.

What trim sizes are available for paperback covers?

I highly recommend choosing the 5 x 8″ trim size, but I can make any size. Below is a list of the most popular time sizes that are compatible with KDP Print and Ingram Spark.

  • 5 × 8 in (12.7 × 20.3 cm)
  • 5.06 × 7.81 in  (12.9 × 19.8 cm)
  • 5.25 × 8 in (13.3 × 20.3 cm)
  • 5.5 × 8.5 in (14 × 21.6 cm)
  • 6 × 9 in (15.2 × 22.9 cm)

After I receive your order, I will ask you to confirm your books trim size in an email.


Can I hire you to create a custom cover?

Sorry, at the moment, I’m exclusively creating premade designs and not custom covers from scratch because my time is quite limited.

I love one of your premade covers but I haven't finished writing the book yet or haven't finalised the cover title, and I'm worried someone else will buy it. Can I place the cover on reserve?
While you cannot place a cover on reserve, you are more than welcome to buy the cover and let me know when you plan to finish your book or finalise the cover details. Closer to that date, I will reach out to you and ask you for the cover details. There’s no expiry date on customization, so take as long as you need. Leave a message in the “order notes” section letting me know when you’ll send me your customisation details, and I will send you an email closer to that date.
Do you sell your premade book covers more than once?
No, once you’ve purchased a premade book cover, it’s yours and will not sell it again. However, it may appear on the store as sold and might be added to my portfolio. While the premade covers are all an exclusive design that will only be sold once, I can not guarantee the stock images won’t be used on other covers by different cover designers in different ways.
What changes can be made to a premade cover?
Edits to the title, series title, and author name is included in the price of the cover. It is possible to request tiny changes to font colours, but I cannot change major parts of the cover, including the cover model or move items around. If you require an item to be moved, like the police tape on a cozy mystery or a cover model changed, this will incur a fee of £20.00 per edit. Please check with me that a change is possible before making a purchase. You can contact me on Instagram, Facebook, or on the contact me page.
Can I make to changes to one of your premade covers to show you want I want?

No. Please DO NOT download one of my premade covers, remove its watermark and make any alterations, no matter how minor. You do not have permission to make changes to my IP. Even if you want to show people what the cover would look like.

Custom Cover Design FAQ’s

Do I have to fill out your customer cover order form?

Yes, the form provides information that helps me determine whether we will work well together and if I’m the best designer for your cover. It also provides all of the information I need to design your cover in manageable pieces. If you have a quick question or have trouble filling out the form, email me at hello at le villain book covers dot com; please don’t send me long emails with multiple paragraphs of information because this can be overwhelming—and that’s something I want to avoid.

How long does it take to design a custom cover?

It can take up to 10 business days for me to design both ebook and paperback covers depending upon the genre and how quickly you respond. But generally, cover design does take some time, and it’s best not to rush the process.

I have a great idea for my book cover, it's this scene from my novel. Do you design covers like this?

It’s great that you have a strong vision for your book cover and you’ve given it a lot of thought; however, the purpose of a book cover is to entice the reader to click on the cover and read the book description and purchase. Its purpose is to convey the story’s genre and tropes, not tell the story. Your cover needs to work with your book description to tell the story, but the cover is supposed to draw the reader in. The more specific you are about what you want on the cover, the more expensive it will be because you will need a custom illustration.


And the model/s on the cover don’t need to 100% match the description of the character; what matters more is resemblance and personality. For instance, it’s more important to get hair colour and clothing in the style that your character would have because that matters more than accuracy. Because it’s the personality of your characters that the readers connect with, not how they look. Sometimes readers will get a different image in their head of your characters than you do as a writer.


Also the overall tone or mood of your story should play a bigger role in the design of your cover. This is why I ask for setting, season, and humour levels along with character description. Also while we’re on the topic of tone or mood, the levels of sex and/or violence in your book is also something that needs to be considered when designing as well. So, if your main characters isn’t overtly sexy or if your story swings more towards the sweet side of the romance genre that’s important to point out to me as well. 


Cover design has a lot of moving parts and as a designer its my responsibility to consider these things so please be a little flexible and give me a little freedom to design. I know it’s hard to let go, but be rest assured in the fact that I spend far too much time looking at images and book covers. I might be an impulse book buyer and tend to buy books with covers that grab me.

What if I don't have the final number of pages, book size or blurb?

That’s okay. Generally, I design the ebook cover first with a paperback cover in mind whether or not you order a paperback cover. You can come back at a later stage to design the paperback edition.

What genres do you specialise in?

I design book covers in the romantic comedy, psychological thriller, domestic thriller, action thriller and mystery genres.

Will you read my book before you design my cover?

Yes, I’m happy to read your book before I design your cover. But please be aware this will add a little extra time to the design process. 

Payment and Legal FAQ’s

What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment I’m accepting payments via Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit card and debit card, as well as GPay (Google Pay) and Apple Pay only in GBP. Sorry, I do not accept payment through Paypal.

Do you offer refunds?

No, because my store sells service-based items, I do not offer refunds on my custom book covers, premade book covers, logos, or book formatting services. If you what something changed, please contact me so we can work together until you are happy with your cover, formatted book, or logo.

However, if I cannot do the work for whatever reason, I will offer you a full refund. 

What happens to the cover if I cancel or ask for a refund?

As a general rule, I DO NOT offer refunds on any of my covers or book formatting services. In the unlikely event that I cancel and issue a refund, you cannot use the formatted book files or book cover and no longer have any creative, publishing, or ownership/rights over the files; these rights are forfeited back to me as the designer. And you cannot go to another designer and ask them to recreate the cover I designed for you.

However, you still own the copyright of your story. And in the unlikely event of a cancellation or refund, your book files will be deleted, and I can return your premade or custom cover on sale.

Book Formatting Wizard FAQ’s

Why have you refused to format my book?

As a general rule, you need to have your story professionally edited before I start formatting. I will not accept formatting jobs on stories that I feel have not been professionally edited. And I format books according to professional book formatting standards. So this means single spacing at the end of sentences, curly quotes etc.

How do I order the book formatting wizard's services?

Fill in out the work order form, select the services you require and click submit. I will reply to you via email within one to two business days with a quote. It’s at this stage; I will supply you with the link to the purchase the options you desire. After I get notification of your payment (usually within a day), I will confirm the due date that you can expect to receive your files.

Which formatting option should I choose?

If you’re having trouble deciding which option is right for you, remember I don’t have to create the ebook, paperback, and large print paperbacks at the same time. I can create the ebook first and then you come back for the paperback editions at a later stage.

What if I need changes to my book after you send me the formatted file?

Any changes related to book formatting are included in all of the formatting packages. I ask that you review your whole book and send the changes as one list. I will also accept further minor changes with fourteen days of using the formatting services, as long as the changes are minor. If you need to make changes within the fourteen-day period, I ask that you create a small list, and email the changes to me at once. At a later stage, if you become aware of multiple typos and substantial changes to the back and front matter, these changes can be made for a small revision fee of £20.00 or $25.00 (USD). Special discounts are available to returning customers, for example, if I’ve formatted your first book and you hire the Formatting Wizard to format your second book, I’m happy to make a few minor changes to your first novel.

Can I trust you with my manuscript? (AKA: Will you steal my novel?)

I will not steal your work or ideas. The copyright of your novel is owned by you. As a fellow writer, I have dozens of my own ideas that I can’t wait to start turning into novels. I don’t have the time to start stealing other writers ideas.

Can you format a second edition of my book?

Please note that if you are a client that has already worked with me and you require a second edition of a book formatted, I prefer to create these from scratch to avoid any unfortunate mistakes. I’ve had to create a second edition for one of my own books and it’s a lot of work and double-checking that everything is right. Due to the amount of work involved, it will cost the same as formatting a brand new book.

Can I pay for your services in USD?

Yes, you can pay for my services in US dollars. The USD rates are $40.00 for the Starter, $60.00 for the MidList, and $80.00 for The Works. Every quarter, I may adjust these rates depending on whether the GBP to USD exchange rate has changed significantly in your favour.

Can I beta test your service in exchange for an honest review?

At the moment, this is a brand new service, and I am looking for beta testers to test out the Starter, MidList, and The Works packages in exchange for an honest review. To beta test the Formatting Wizard services, fill out this work order and let me know in the notes section that you’d like to beta test my services in exchange for a review. Once I receive your order and message, I will get back to you within one or two business days.

What information do I need to provide for your book formatting services?

In order to create a beautifully formatted book, I need the following items from you. Please note that all text needs to be proofread and in a separate document to avoid confusion. You don’t need to provide all of these items, to help you; I have highlighted the crucial items in red.


Cover Image
Title Text (Book Title, Subtitle, Author Name, and Contributors)
Publisher Logo
Copyright text
Cast of Characters
Manuscript in MS Word
Glossary Text
Leave a Review Text
Reader Magnet Image
Reader Magnet Text
Acknowledgements Text
Authors Note Text
About the Author Text
Also By Text
Store Links


If you do not have store links at the moment that’s okay, I can add them in after you publish for no extra charge, as long as the links were the only thing I am changing or adding to the file. Lastly, I need you to provide an outline of the order in which you want these images to appear in your book.


What if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact the Formatting Wizard and ask more questions using the form on the contact page.

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