Le Villain Book Covers Terms and Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions form an agreement between you (the Client) and Le Villain Book Covers (the Company).

These Terms & Conditions form an agreement between you (the Client, you) and Le Villain Book Covers (the Company, I, or me).


Le Villain Book Covers is a Company that provides:


1. Cover design services:

  • Photo-manipulated ebook and print book cover designs
  • Audiobook cover designs
  • Vector illustration cover designs
  • Typography designs


2. Interior book formatting and layouts


3. Logo design


4. Marketing material designs, such as:

  • Cover reveal images
  • Social media covers
  • Book release banners
  • Advertising images
  • A+ content
  • Box set images
  • Business card designs


The Company reserves the right to modify, alter, or add services at any time and without prior notice, except if the Client has already submitted the order or the Company has already started to execute the Client’s order, in which case no changes will be made.


Ownership and Copyright

1. Upon purchasing a premade or custom-designed cover, the Client is purchasing a license to use the cover. The copyright of the final design belongs to me, the designer and the copyright of the image/s used in the design is retained by the artist or photographer.

2. The Client cannot ask another designer to design the paperback cover for a custom ebook cover or a premade cover designed by Le Villain Book Covers because the designer holds the copyright on the final design. Please do not ask another designer to copy one of Le Villain Book Covers’ designs or use a cover creator to create a paperback. If the Client would like a paperback, please contact Le Villain Book Covers to discuss the pricing.

3. The Client has no right to alter the final cover design in any way except to change the size for printing or digital display. If the Client desires any alterations, they have to consult Le Villain Book Covers. Additional payments may be required to make these alterations.



4. All of the covers and marketing materials are designed with licensed stock images, illustrations, and vectors purchased from Shutterstock, Depositphotos and iStock; no AI images, images used from free sites, or images sourced from Canva are used to create these images.

5. Images used to create all of my book covers have standard licenses that allow an unlimited number of ebook sales and online postings, 500,000 physical print sales, and cannot be used to create merchandise.

6. In the event that the Client’s physical book sales exceed 500,000, please let Le Villain Book Covers know because I will need to purchase an extended licence for an extra fee per image. Don’t worry, it’s not as expensive as you’d imagine. In this instance, I will calculate the cost, forward you the invoice, and then purchase the correct licenses.

7. PSD or source files are not available for sale due to stock and font license terms and conditions.

8. All of the covers designed by Le Villain Book Covers cannot be sold without text.

9. The book covers and marketing images designed by Le Villain Book Covers cannot be resold due to the image licensing terms and conditions.



10. All fees are payable before the premade cover, custom cover design, formatting, marketing materials and logo design process can begin. This is to avoid the theft of book covers and other design materials, where the client ghosts the designer after getting the final design and refuses to pay.

11. Because of the nature of these book covers, Le Villain Book Covers can not accept returns for digital products; however, the designer will work with the Client to ensure you are satisfied with the final book cover. If you have any questions about the changes Le Villain Book Covers can make, please send me an email first. Please note: I live and work in London, UK, so there might be a short delay between sending your message and my reply.

12. In the unlikely event that I cancel and issue a refund, you cannot use the formatted book files or book cover and no longer have any creative, publishing, or ownership/rights over the files; these rights are forfeited back to me as the designer. And you cannot go to another designer and ask them to recreate the cover I designed for you. That would be considered intellectual property theft.


Premade Covers

13. Edits to the title, series title, and author name are included in the price of all my premade book covers. It is possible to request tiny changes to font colours, but I cannot change major parts of the premade cover, including the cover model, move items around, change the font, or remove the book title completely; these kinds of changes are considered custom work. So, please ask about making changes before purchasing the cover.


Book Formatting Services

14. Before the book formatting services commence, the client needs to provide an edited and proofread manuscript. Le Villain Book Covers will not accept manuscripts with spelling and grammatical errors and double spacing after a period. In the event that Le Villain Book Covers receives a manuscript that is not edited, the designer will suggest an edit, then refund the sale or wait for the editing process to end, depending upon what the Client’s wishes.



15. When your book is offered for sale, please credit “Le Villain Book Covers” on the copyright page of your book.



16, The Company uses email, Etsy message portal, or the website (levillainbookcovers.com) as the sole means of communication with the Client.


Client Responsibilities

17. Before purchasing any of my premade covers, please check that the covers best represent your stories as closely as possible and read all of the details in the description below the images.

18. The client is responsible for proofreading all text on the book covers.

19. It’s the Client’s responsibility to provide the Company with the correct book size and ISBN number before the design is finalised.

20. When executing a book cover design or any other artwork for print or digital use, Le Villain Book Covers does not take responsibility for mistakes related to the content of the provided blurb (spelling, typographical, grammatical, semantic, lexical, and stylistic). The Company does not correct any mistakes in the blurb.


Responsibilities of the Designer

21. Le Villain Book Covers will respect the privacy of the Client’s ideas, manuscripts, files and personal data. These assets won’t be shared or distributed to any third parties.

22. Le Villain Book Covers will only use appropriately licensed images, illustrations, vectors, and fonts from reputable sources.



23. Le Villain Book Covers is not liable for incidental, indirect, consequential, special, punitive, or exemplary damages of any kind, including loss of revenues or profits, loss of business or reputation, or loss of data, in any way related to our services.

24. Le Villain Book Covers is not responsible for any claim, loss, or injury based on errors or any other inaccuracies appearing on our site or in our clients’ written documents, including without limitation because of any breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

25. The finding of any provision of this agreement to be invalid or unenforceable does not render the remaining provisions invalid or unenforceable

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